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June 12, 2004

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...just now settling into Hermitage at Doe Bay,
Orcas Island, WA. Lisa and her brother Ryan
just left, I finally begin settling in after a.m. cafe
cook/serve shift, 121.38 in business, Jason Gold-
stein from Seattle had eggs toast veg sausage for
breakfast. It's raining now, windows open, i like
couch at angle below window, light is nice, grey,
diffuse, neutral, i hear birds, daydreaming fame,
time for a nap? found American Scientist radio
alarm clock, time checked 6x/hr against signal
sent by atomic military timepiece, accurate
and official by any standard.

but, lucky for me, i think
i'll be living outside of
time as much as possible,
up with the sun and then
so on and so forth until
the day is done...