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June 16, 2004

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i have nothing to say
about this other than
john and i were at island
market the other day and
i bought an organic
banana with three plastic
certified organic stickers
on it and said, "it would
be funny to completely
cover a banana with organic
stickers" and today after
many understated adventures
i found him in doe bay
kitchen preparing soup
by slicing up tomatoes,
many stickers set aside on
the board so i wrapped one
up and thought, hello!

if you are from zip code
94805 please drop me a

robert zverina c/o doe bay
pob 437 olga wa 98279

it gets lonely here in the woods,
tho it is beautiful and i was
supremely arrogant to assume
there was nothing i could learn
from nature.
how long does it take for a plastic-wrapped tomato to rot?