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August 15, 2004

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today was epic, one of those timeless summer days
of swimming and sun here at the tail end of civilization.
sarah, nicole, johns berry and bacon, and i started
at secret beach where we looked at life clinging
to the underside of rocks, threw our shoulders
out skipping stones, and laughed a lot. we made
our way to cascade lake, rented rowboats and
swam in the far side lagoon where kids jumped
off a low bridge and the weeds were not too thick.
had a nice meal of bread, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes
back at blakely cabin nicole and bacon had rented.
but the highlight came after hot tubbing when we
went down to the beach to swim in bioluminescence.
biolume is tiny sea creatures that light up like fireflies
when they're agitated. the waveline lit up white
on this moonless night, tossed rocks were fireworks,
and haloes surrounded swimmers as we splashed
in the cold salt water. there must have been a dozen
people there, mostly strangers to one another in the
pitch blackness. the whole thing felt super primal, as
if it could have been 2 or 10 thousand years ago,
no faces in the dark, no words manifesting ego, only
laughter at the miracle of lights sparkling in water.