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August 28, 2004

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low low tide was at 10:26 a.m., high high at 5:54 p.m.,
+8.3 feet, the moon is almost full and wore a halo, some
breaks in the clouds after a week of unseasonable rain,
it feels like summer's ended, a season in decline--i like it.
a wedding at doe bay this weekend, hitching in from town
the groom's English family picked me up and turned out
to be related to megan of utilikilts, who later showed up
and took me to her friend michael's hobbit haven, a square
mile of hilly landscaped terrain; picked apples in the rain.
he's left orcas island paradise behind in favor of edmonton
ALB because inner peace doesn't come from the outside.
he dialogues with john deruiter, tries to see beyond his
own filters, move past entrenched frames of reference
to sense the solid ground, the unwavering light that
persists and pre-exists our onion layers of conditioning.
peace, truth, enlightenment, whatever--won't be found
like misplaced keys or a sock lost to the dryer. sandra
put it well when she said she doesn't search (which im-
plies knowing what it is you're looking for) so much as
she explores (which means encountering with an open
mind). the tide peaked and turned during dinner and
all the cafe tables closest to the flow filled up first while
the usual favorites with the "best" views stayed vacant;
showing there's more ways of seeing than with the eyes,
the energy of moving water attracted people to its vibe.

one diner said, "i usually don't ask, but has this food been
blessed?" "yes," i said, "a lot of love and intention goes into
it." "i could tell," she said. it was a night of spirit and laughs.

this page dedicated to john berry, who makes doe bay cafe happen.

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