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August 30, 2004

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jesse arrived just in time to help katie
fix her flat. the 6 of tall PBR helped.

we threw rocks in the water,
recorded birdsong in the woods,
came across a "geocache"
stuffed with worthless plastic
crap, had a completely de-
mented recording session
that the neighbors heard
late into the night.

can you hear the music
now? the words go like
this: peace, love, and
. that's right.

right that's harmony
and love, peace
: this
like go words the now?
music the hear you can

night the into late
heard neighbors the that
session recording dement-
ed completely a had crap
plastic worthless with stuffed
"geocache" a across came
woods the in birdsong recorded
water the in rocks threw we

helped PBR tall of 6 the flat her fix
katie help to time in just arrived jesse

...zoomed through a binocular backwards