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October 7, 2004

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After a good night's sleep on the redeye from Chicago to NYC, I had a couple of hours in midtown Manhattan before switching to southbound Silver Meteor...

...In the Irish bar at 32nd and 8th
the middle-aged broker fast talks
a no-risk deal--"all you do is scoop
the fees"--then insists on walking
his listener to the subway for a
little more convincing. the other guy
leaves a 5 on the counter, turns to
leave without looking back. in one
quick motion fast-talker pockets the
five and leaves two ones in its place.
the bartender notices and scowls
but no one notices me (or so i think)...

...back in Penn, minutes before
departure, watching the board
for my gate, a dude approaches
and says, nice shirt. it's a red
ONE LESS CAR Transportation
tee (a gift from sarah
who used to volunteer there when
she lived in "the city"). do you know
the organization? i ask. i'm the
executive director!
he gives me a
bunch of postcards to promote a
carfree central park event.