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October 8, 2004

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broadcast delay, no such thing as simultaneous reality Arrived in Charleston, South Carolina this morning. Sunny skies followed me all the way from Seattle to Chicago to New York to sunrise over the south but as soon as I got off the train the clouds rolled in and stayed. Sarah and Rebecca met me on the platform, we got in a blue Volvo wagon and hit the grocery store. Back at Rebecca and Jeff's--they're married and expecting twins--we masked the molding and painted the living room walls and hall two shades of yellow. I hadn't watched TV in months, maybe years, but they have cable and I got sucked into Fear Factor, The Apprentice, and the presidential debates. (No drinking here in SC so TV was a good substitute for that mellow alcohol detachment.) FF had me saying again and again, "I could do that!" and The Apprentice seemed a mixture of greed and blind obedience. (What I really would have liked to see is the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing with UPS and QVC that made this particular episode possible.) Debatewise, it was refreshing to hear John Kerry say tax the rich but his darting lizard tongue made a bad impression and that's what rules the medium and all the suckers like me who sit glued to the tube waiting for whatever's next.