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                October 24, 2004

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"despair" might be too strong a word, but it comes close to describing how i felt when john and i rolled into minneapolis and chanced upon a pizza joint near the metrodome just as a vikings game was letting out. the number of adults wearing team jerseys was truly disturbing. i've been wondering how it's possible that the presidential campaign is even close. don't people see bush is a crook? a liar? a puppet of corporate interests intent on maximizing profits no matter what the cost to workers, soldiers, and the environment? not to mention retirees. but it's likely that under the GOP plan no one will ever retire--they'll just be worked to death. screw the infirm and elderly! bush's brother neil's S&L bailout cost taxpayers $1B in the early 1990s and George's own wealth was based entirely on similar shady insider trading scams. it runs in the family. but the race is close. unbelievable... until i saw all these grown-ups walking around in self-imposed uniforms (team jersey, sneakers, jeans)--a kinder, gentler version of fascist sheep. not everyone, mind you, but probably 80% of the 60,000+ who attended the game. bread and circuses. it became appallingly evident that there's a mass--perhaps the majority--of americans who unquestioningly follow the lead of mainstream TV, blindly conforming to today's version of the american dream: well, if i can't be a multimilionaire athlete, at least i can wear his name and number on my back. and hey, who cares if our taxes routinely go to build stadiums so team owners can grow obscenely wealthy. maybe it's extortion for them to threaten to uproot their sports franchises and take them elsewhere, but think how much worse our economy would be if we lost those hot dog and beer vending jobs and gameday valet parking lots. plus, experiencing violence vicariouly gives vent to my aggression and anger, thus protecting my family. this is america, faggot, and if you don't like it why don't you and your gay lover go get an abortion in france...

you know, *that* mentality. but the hustlers keep hustling and the suckers keep coming, dressed in $80 jerseys.