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November 15, 2004

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election fraud 2004 - brought to you in part by Diebold
[adapted from an illustration by Gina Tollentino]

The letter I wrote to the P-I last week was truly intended for the front page editor, so it was a pleasant surprise when the newspaper called to say they were going to publish it. I'm glad they did, although they left out a very important bit of information, this link:

My letter was the only mention of election fraud in the quite thick Sunday paper. Not surprising. The mainstream media is not covering what is probably be the biggest scandal in this nation's history. Even NPR (National Pentagon Repeater) dispelled the irregularities with one sentence: "Allegations of election fraud are based on incorrect data." And that was it. They did not cite the allegations, nor did they explain why they were incorrect. If you think NPR is part of the so-called "liberal media," think again. You can't expect critical coverage from an outfit that is underwritten by WalMart. A better source for news is

It's up to us to put pressure on our media to cover this story and offer support to those elected officials who are investigating the scores of reported irregularties. Below is some contact information I recently received via email. Don't ignore this. Don't feel powerless.

The Bush Administration is teetering between completely consolidating its power or unraveling. Your voice could determine which way it falls...

People and Agencies to Contact regarding Election 2004:

1) Your two Senators & elected Representative - here is the main switchboard number for the House and Senate: 202-224-3121

2) Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader: 202-225-4965

3) These members are allegedl/reportedly looking into the issue - urge them to introduce a bill to investigate voter fraud:
Rep. Henry Waxman of CA - 202-225-3976
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of OH - 202-225-7032
Rep. Dennis Kucinich of OH - 202-225-5871
Rep. Tim Ryan of OH - 202-225-5261

4) Democratic & Republican Members of the House Judiciary Committee:
Rep. Robert Wexler of FL - 202-225-3001
Rep. Maxine Waters of CA - 202-225-2201
Rep. Chabot of OH (R)- 202-225-2216
Rep. King of IA (R)- 202-225-4426

5) Democrat & Republican Members (call both) of the Senate Judiciary Committee:
Sen. Patrick Leahy of VT - 202-224-4242
Sen. Ted Kennedy of MA - 202-224-4543
Sen. Joe Biden of DE - 202-224-5042
Sen. Russ Feingold of WI - 202-224-5323
Sen. Charles Schumer of NY - 202-224-6542
Sen. Arlen Specter of PA (R) - 202-224-4254
Sen. Mike DeWine of OH (R) - 202-224-2315
Sen. Chuck Grassley of IA (R)- 202-224-3744

6) Federal Elections Commission: Audit Division
Joseph Stoltz, Assistant Staff Director
Telephone: 800-424-9530 (press 0, then ext. 1200)
Lynne McFarland, Inspector General
Telephone: 800-424-9530 (press 0, then ext. 1015)

7) The news media - we have to put pressure on them: (this is all I could find for now)
CBS- 212-258-6000 -,,,

8) Call the Secretary of State's office in the state of OH and FL - Tell them that you demand under the HAVA law to have all votes counted - especially the absentee, military and all provisional ballots counted and verified - tell them you suspect foul-play.
Phone # to OH Sec. of State Kenneth Blackwell's Office:
toll free 1-877-767-6446 or email: or 614-466-2585
Phone # to FL Sec. of State Glenda Hood's Office: 850-245-6500

9) Donate $5 to Bev Harris at - she has been filing 1000's of information requests under the "FOIA-Freedom of Information Act" to account for the various voting machines across the country.

10) Email or Fax Ralph Nader - Yep, you heard me, good ole's his opportunity to make up for any feelings of bad will after the 2000 election and the current one. Ralph has been a lifelong advocate for us, the consumer and little guy and he is actually in the unique position right now to do something since he was a Presidential candidate and has the ability to be listened to. He has actually already filed a challenge in NH (not that he is looking to overturn the results, but because he can prove there may have been bigger problems and he qualifies there as having been on the ballot).
Urge him to do this across the board on a national level. Heck, the media seemed to have such a lovefest with him before the election, could they possibly ignore him now? Contact Ralph at - 202-265-4000

11) Call/email Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center: or call at (800) 550-3560
Former President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center are considered to be the most experienced in the election process and conducting fair democratic elections - urge him to get involved and investigate possible fraud and the unexplainable discepancies throughout the election involving the computer voting machines, especially in swing states.