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November 17, 2004

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Jeezis, Guided By Voices' last Seattle show was a total drinkfest. So many people were buying drinks for strangers it was only decent to randomly return the favor. The end result was predictable. |||| Bob Pollard, the elder statesman of lo-fi rock (a term which he mocked) looked silver and sleek. He came to have a good time. There seemed to be a lot of drinking, on stage and in the crowd. That's the Guided By Voices thing: to drink. Tonight it was bigmouth plastic Miller bottles and tequila. I started off with vodka tonics and settled into beers. I got my ticket from Bill Spence. That was nice of him. |||| It's tough being 6'4" and going to packed shows. Even though I was in the second-to-last row, the guy behind me had to shout, "You're blocking my view!" "I am the view," I retorted. "Good answer," he conceded and said no more. Then I went to the bar....
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