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December 8, 2004

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In the very weird ongoing saga of liquidating my many stuffs, I spent the better part of yesterday tallying comic books and LPs to post at in the hopes of finding a collector with a fast computer to trade. If you have a computer to donate but don't want all the stuff, I'll donate it to the charity of your choice. I really need a new, faster machine in order to edit video and burn my own DVDs. 792 is selling fast and I have the next 3 or 4 feature-length compilations selected but no way of committing them to DVD. 792 Short Films is now available for purchase at Electric Heavyland in Wallingford and for rental at Rain City Video in Fremont. Thanks for looking!

[After spending way too much time posting the series at right at ebay, I decided a mass approach was the way to go.]

Nemesis the Warlock Necro Series for auction at ebay
comics, LPs, and inline skates 2 xchange for zippy computer

Will trade all or any part of the following 3 lots for fully functional zippy computer (laptop preferred), 256M RAM or better, any platform, capable of handling USB DVD burner peripheral and post-2001 video editing software. I will leave this offer open until December 15 2004. If I can’t find a trading partner by that time, I will sell the three lots SEPARATELY to whoever makes the best offer for each. Email me your offer at any time before December 15, please! (Only best offer will be notified.)

LOT #1
Soft boot with rigid frame for comfort with support. Metal chassis delivers lots of speed. Hardly used, light scuffing, big 77.5 mm wheels slightly worn but still lots of miles left in them. Lots of brake left. These are very fast skates! Maybe too fast for me. They were a gift and I barely used ‘em. This top of the line Italian-made skate retailed for $400 when new. Am now looking to barter along with the two following lots....

LOT #2

Crate of 60+ vinyl LPs in very good or better condition, an excellent sampling of 20th century musical genres for the eclectic DJ or music collector. Includes albums in such genres as country, classic rock, disco, new wave, spoken word, medieval troubadour music, honky tonk piano, TV theme songs, big band, swing, soul, banjo, folk, accordion, french, polynesian, and spanish guitar. Artists inlcuded are Elvis Costello, The Jam, Soft Cell, Squeeze, Talking Heads, Devo, Mi-Sex, Yaz, Violent Femmes, Specials, English Beat, Dubliners, CSN, Donovan, Partridge Family, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Sergio Mendes, Andrews Sisters, Roger Miller, Eddie Peabody, Country Joe and the Fish, Roberta Flack, Ink Spots, Supremes, Donna Summer. Soundtracks Doctor Zhivago, Midnight Express, Thank God It’s Friday, and ABC TV series Africa. Eclectic compilations of songs devoted to CB radios, the telephone, country music hall of fame, fox trots, parisian street music, and “alphabet rock” (2 full records of songs with nonsense lyrics). Plus 10 33rpm 10-inches of romantic music and polkas from the early 1950s with exquisite modern design covers.

And, just to sweeten the deal, I'll throw in the rare 45s listed at

LOT #3
Excellent to mint, bought new, read once and bagged for 20 years, many premium titles and several collectibles. I don’t have the time or inclination to post on ebay, but maybe you do. Or perhaps you’d like to keep them or give them as a gift. Great art project potential.

The Sandman (by Neil Gaiman), 38-39, 41, 47, 49-50, 52-53, 55, 57, 59-63, 74-75
Crisis on Infinite Earths, 1-12 (complete)
Groo the Wanderer, 1-11, 14, 17-18
New Teen Titans, 1-11, Annuals 2, 3
Vigilante, 1-14, 17-18
Watchmen, 1-3, 5, 8
Doom Patrol, 50, 52, 54-57, 59, 61,
Justice League #70 (death of Superman)
Tales of the Teen Titans, 41-57

Uncanny X-Men 175-206, 208, 210
X-Men (1991), 5-8
X-Men Classics 1-3 (high grade reprints); Phoenix: The Untold Story #1
X-Men Annual 8, 9
X-Men & Alpha Flight, 1-2 (complete)
New Mutants, 1-2, 13-36, 38; Annual 1, Special Edition #1
Mighty Thor, 342-368; Annual #12; Balder the Brave 1-3
Iron Man, 180-202; Annual #7
Fantastic Four, 265-286, 288-292; Annual 18
Daredevil, 206-225, 227-233, 260
Dreadstar, 10, 12, 15-19
Moon Knight 37-38; 1-6 (Fist of Khonshu)
Alpha Flight, 8-31, 33
Avengers 242-258, 263; Annual 13; West Coast Avengers #1
New Defenders, 129-144
Ghost Rider #50
Captain America, 295, 297-300, 305
Incredible Hulk 294-297, 300-302, 307, 314, 318
Dr. Strange, 54, 64-65, 69-74
Micronauts: The New Voyages, 1-12, 15
ROM Spaceknight, 54-72
Secret Wars II, 1-7, 9
Dazzler 34-38
20 Various Spiderman titles, including Amazing #252 (new costume) and Spectacular #189 (hologram cover) plus Team-Ups

Miscellaneous and Miniseries
Eagle Comics Judge Dredd “Judge Child Quest” miniseries 1-5 (complete)
Eagle Comics Judge Dredd Crime File 1-2 (of 6)
Epic (Marvel “mature” line) Void Indigo, 1-2
Marvel Cloak & Dagger, 1-4 (complete)
Marvel The Gargoyle, 1-4 (complete)
Marvel Rocket Raccoon, 1-4 (complete)
Pacific Comics Vanguard Illustrated 1-4, 7; Alien Worlds #4
Pacific/Eclipse Comics, Somerset Holmes 1-6

First Issues and Other Collectibles
DC The Sandman “Orpheus” Special #1 (glow-in-the-dark cover)
DC Death #1 (by Neil Gaiman)
DC Superman #75 (death of superman, sealed with extras)
DC Infinity, Inc. #1
DC Shadow of the Bat #1 (sealed with extras)
DC Deadman #1-2
DC Comics Star Trek (1983) #1-2
Eagle Comics Robohunter #1
Eclipse Comics Bedlam #1
Eclipse Comics Miracle Man #1, 7 (by Alan Moore)
First Comics, Grim Jack #1, 5
First Comics, Shatter #1-2 (first computer-illustrated comic)
Iconografix, Angryman #1
Image Comics, Spawn #1
Image Comics, Youngblood #1
Image Comics WildC.A.T.s #1 (by Jim Lee)
Marvel Battlestar Galactica #1-3
Marvel Generation X underground special #1
Marvel Infinity War #1
Marvel Starriors #1-2
Marvel Sectaurs, #1-2
Marvel Silver Surfer #1 (vol 2)
PC Ravens & Rainbows #1
PC Darklon the Mystic #1
PC Time Force #1
PC Demon Dreams #1

...and several random titles and numbers too tedious to list


I am looking to make this trade to further my video art. I will throw in a copy of my limited edition 792 Short Films DVD, available here: