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December 7, 2004

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Saturday night at the Half Off
fashion show, Chuck Dong
hooked me up with a couple
of VIP passes to The Polyphonic
private cigarette concert
at The Showbox. Thanks, Chuck!

It was a really uplifting show
and I danced like a bullwhip.

John Berry and I dug into the
excellent VIP buffet, sat at a
cool VIP corner table, and drank
up our share of VIP drink tickets
(3 apiece, after which it cost $$$).

Aside from being the original
, December 7 is an important
date because it was on that day
in 1997
that I bought my first
digital camera
so I could shoot
& post images of Uz Jsme Doma.

Seven years later, a new phase
of my web mania begins. Since
the start, I wished for a convenient
organizational system. smugmug
seems to provide the features I've
wanted all along, so today I begin
a new still & video image archive....