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December 18, 2004

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After tool shopping with Bruce at Hardwick's*, I visited Sarah in her studio.
On the way to get groceries, spectacular contrail writ the sky. Got me thinking
about how after 9/11 meteorologists got a chance to compare temperatures
with and without the water vapor exhaust trails jet planes leave behind.
Sure enough, I found this link:
Now, any time I see "ABC" I get suspicious; I don't like getting my science
from Disney, Inc. Check out the link and see if you spot this contradiction...

The first paragraph states contrails "have a small effect on daily temperatures."
To me, this seems to imply contrails have a negligible effect on temperatures.
The opposite is true, as the article elucidates when you scroll much further:
"Studies in Western Europe, where contrails are very common, suggest that the
contrail effect is at least as important as global warming due to greenhouse gases."


So all I'm saying is this: beware corporate media spin on the facts. Even when
they do report the truth, they find ways of presenting it in a misleading way.

                Duh, well, obviously, you say... 

*I'm starting a new job Monday working on salvage crew of The Restore
and needed toolbag, steel hammer, long-nose pliers, big channel lock, 100
bit set, multibit screwdriver, flashlight, electric tester, burly chisel, nailpuller.
Hardwick's is cool for many reasons, one of which is their old-school cash
register. It's electric and everything, but they don't inventory every item. It
feels more like a mom and pop operation, with a wide range of products.
Saw Holly of Chuck Yeager in line; she was buying her manfriend Ben a
Japanese woodworking tool and whet stone.