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March 6, 2005

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Can you find the trash on this beach?
Neither could I until I sat still long enough
to start seeing it. Then, without moving, it
took only minutes to heap up an impressive
pile of litter from within a 5 foot radius. while
craig and i were doing this, a little girl about
5 appeared to ask what we were doing. we
explained that litter is garbage by holding up
various items from the pile: "straws are garbage,
labels are garbage, caps are garbage..." etc.
she asked, "where is the no-garbage place?"
it should be everywhere, we said, indicating
the whole beach. then her suspicious father
arrived, thanked us for our good work, and
hustled her away. now that i'd touched it, i
felt i owned the garbage, so i artfully bundled
it and hung it from my bike as ornament. this
was just one stop of an all-day urban cycling
adventure with craig which i summarize here
for my own future benefit: up to madrona to
see about painting nancy & dejan's new house;
found cel phone, knocked on window where
workers were, turned out to be craig's friend
Erk from art school; visited greg and jeff at the
hideout, their new bar opening march 25; had
whisky and beer at 1st hill pub & grill with what
looked like a bunch of retired miami beach mafia;
visited jesse and linda who still exude post-Asia
clarity and glow; owl & thistle for more whisky
and beer; elliott bay beach cigarette and litter detail;
drunk public urinator showed us his rubik's cube;
rode along T91 to chittendon locks pitstop and then
had just one sloopersize (33.8 oz.) beer at the sloop.
along the way i found 18 more cans for my collection.