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June 12, 2005



The old Hooters in Bellevue had a lot of overhead lights. Each light had hidden inside a quantity of wire, much of it colorful and joined by equally jolly wirenuts. When it came time to remodel the building, the ReStore was there to salvage the oak flooring, shellacked bartop, stainless sinks, and other restaurant equipment. Electricians came separately to remove the lights and left behind scores of two- and three-tentacled twisted together bits of wire from 1" - 8" each in length. The stuff was both pretty and useless, so I had to save it, thinking someday I would drill holes in a board and stick the wire in the holes. Well, that day was today. After dropping my projector off for a warrantied repair, I drew dots in a grid on a piece of scrap wood and then drilled something like 60 holes in it. Starting in the center, I started inserting wire bits. As I added more bits around the middle, I brought the capped end of each up and under the previous pieces in a kind of tangled weave which gave the mass some structural integrity. At first the wires resembled a family (pictured here), then quickly propagated into an overcrowded planet. Then I drilled a record spindle-sized hole halfway through the back and mounted the finished piece on a turntable and filmed it. The whirling tangle now called to mind a single human's thought process.
I presented Sarah with the wire "cake" and explained all of it is just a prop; the movie is the finished piece.