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August 22, 2005

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coincidences are where we see them...

the other night, a too-hard floor hurt my and sarah's ankles and feet. today, the job took us to an University of Washington gym to remove 12,000 square feet of maple floor which is being replaced because it didn't "give" enough and thus was hard on athletes' bodies. of course, prying up clipped-in floorboards with 30-pound bars and stooping over to sort and box them isn't very good for our bodies, but such is the lot of the servant class. but, actually, i prefer this kind of work--the mind-numbing, body-breaking, massive task fosters camaraderie and encourages a certain zen detachment. which is not to say i am a glutton for labor. i'd also like to explore the camaraderie and zen detachment which might come from surfing and snorkeling with friends at a tropical beach....