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September 28, 2005

Le Vide is an experimental music night hosted by
the Re-bar on the last wednesday of every month.
It's nice because one can usually count on seeing
the regulars in attendance: Jesse, Drew, Al, Rick,
Jason, Mark, Jeffrey, Rob and others who like not
knowing what they're going to see and hear when
they go out for a night of music. Tonight was mad,
especially off the stage where we entertained our-
selves for hours with a dollar bill, a magic marker,
cigarettes, and wet wads of crumpled newspaper.
It started with the medium of the moment--origami
--and progressed in strange fractals to a place
past words, where light yields to darkness, the edge
of the table. It was sheer joy impossible to capture
or reproduce here. CGT and The Rebel played. $3!