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December 28, 2005

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To make really delicious Christmas cookies, first find some
good recipes. Maybe ask your grandma, as Sarah did. Now,
bake the cookies. Better yet, let someone else do the baking
while you read a book in the other room. I did it that way and
it's a lot easier than it sounds. Still with me? OK, now for the
fun part--decorating the cookies! Sarah makes her own icing.
Just combine powdered sugar, margarine, a little soy creamer,
and vanilla (or other flavors). Add
Red 5 for that extra zazz.
Now get out your tweezers. You'll need them for precision
application of sprinkles, which nowadays come in many shapes
and colors. Don't limit yourself to two dimensions--go vertical!
Some examples: Snowhumanoid, Tree Farm, Happy Face, Hands
Across America
, and Sarah's I Left My Heart in Seattle cookie.
Not only are cookies fun to decorate, but they taste good too.
Just be sure to take precautions against marauding 2-year-olds.