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January 7, 2006

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It's been the kind of winter on which Seattle's reputation for precipitation is based. Nothing record breaking, but there was a string of 16 rainy days in a row and it's been prevailing grey for several weeks--at least. It's hard to say precisely how long because once the cloud curtain falls, the days lose definition.

Yesterday it was dark at noon. At the height of a downpour, Sarah and I went for a walk, just for the perverse pleasure of it. Neither of us even considered bringing an umbrella. I'd left my raincoat somewhere else, but it didn't matter--your feet are what get wettest in Seattle. Good weather for a sauna....

Sarah had passes to Banya. Jesse met us there. We lived deeply without time for three hours. Soaking, sweating, plunging, steaming, floating, holding breath, and breathing. Then drinking herbal tea sweetened with jelly. I was ready for a pickle.

After sushi, back at Jesse's we watched a Seattle Public Library videotape of 1982 super 8 films of Central India forest people folk dance, then switched over to Cable for premiere of Robert Zverina Short Films. It was strange and funny seeing it on the small screen, imagining strangers somehow stumbling upon it.