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January 17, 2006

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Today was exceptional for a number of reasons.
Work took us 38 miles away to the hills of Maple
Valley. Joel drove. There we started disassembly of
a Pan Abode--a rustic cabin comprised of interlocking
cedar logs
high above the Cedar River. For a nice
change, the lot was not slated for immediate re-
development; it'd been bought by King County & will
revert at least temporarily to green space. Also, it
more or less stopped raining for the first time in
almost a month. It drizzled a bit, but only for as
long as it took us to eat lunch. After a coffee run,
Ben and I walked a narrow moss-soft ridge and
saw three young deer lit up by slanting sun.
It had been so long since I spent a day outside.
After peeling back the shingles of the roof, most of
my time was spent denailing the car decking which
had comprised the cabin's ceiling. The fog came up
just as the sun was about to set so we took a
beauty break to watch it on this unusual day.