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June 19, 2006

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After catching a flat on the way back from picking strawberries, I learned the Czech word for inner tube: duse (doo-sheh).
Literally, it means soul, and is derived from the word for breath: duch. Something easy to do is jednoduchy--"one breath"... 

On her last day
lying in a rented
hospital bed in
my sister's house
my mother noticed
the swaying trees
& said, Mr. Wind...

Tonight, working in Windows
I look up through my window
when I hear the wind shaking
the trees like a crowd cheering.
All the leaves are waving. A
storm is coming--I have to
unpin the still-damp laundry.

On the second night of
Jakub's extended party
we stayed up late as the
fire gulped air and I said
in broken Czech, "The
stars are near. We each
have just this breath...."

Every day I try to
remind myself:
Do your J.O.B.--
Just One Breath.
I try to focus on it.
In... Out... A few
seconds, timeless.

When I mentioned
it to Honza, he said,
Yes! In that moment
you are free and go
on from there. Pretty
soon you make
a lifetime of it....