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July 12, 2006


In the morning, acting on a tip from Mirek, we
stopped at Levne Knihy (Cheap Books) where I
completed my Plastic People of the Universe
collection (8 CDs at 49 crowns each, $2 apiece--
cheap!). So it was pretty surprising later to find
Sarah at Shakespeare and Sons smoking and
drinking with PPU saxman Vratislav Brabenec,
whom she recognized from a Seattle concert.
I think he was a little disappointed to see me
as he was gazing so fondly at Sarah, but he
offered cigarettes and I bought him red wine
spritzers. He's working on an opera to be
performed on a train with the scrolling
landscape for scenery. He wondered
where he'd find his next idea so I
asked if he remembers dreams.
Yes, in fact, he'd just had one
where he was standing in a
beautiful landscape of 50
million years ago, just
looking around....