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November 13, 2006


it's raining i'm waiting to get on the downtown bound #5 bus
it comes and i lumber on, weighted down by audio-visual gear,
very heavy and soaked by rain waiting for late bus.
going downtown to alibi room monday night movies
carrying rolly-bag of records, heavy 16mm projector,
laptop shoulder bag weighted by a VAIO, a Mac,
and 250G external hard drive, digital projector in
backpack, plus another shoulder bag of wires and
paperwork. In short, a fun way to spend a Monday.
I pile my stuff near the front where seats fold up so
wheelchairs can park, thinking, "All these possessions
are a handicap." It smells like shit right there, but I have
to be near my precious belongings so I sit right close
to a grubby guy in spattered pants, no doubt the
source of the shit stink. Maybe I don't smell too good
myself. He eyes the boxy projector* in its case and asks,
"Movie projector?" "Yeah..." and we get into a long
conversation about the past, his experience as a
contractor (he'd been mudding drywall that day),
the time a housewife in bathrobe stood watching
him work in the front yard, framed by front door,
then later told him not to tell what had happened.
"What did happen?" I asked and the guy said
he didn't know either. Anyway, he and his son
get off. One stop later, the shit smell is back.
A neat guy in well-cut suit walks up the aisle
with a heinous piece of toilet paper stuck to
his shoe. Mr. Clean turns out to be the
source of the stink. Well how about that?

*not the projector pictured here.
this one was brought by john adair,
only recently purchased, he hadn't
even burned the decades of dust
off but when he did the whole
room smelled it, like incense in
an arcane ritual.