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January 22, 2007


Tonight was the last of the weekly BYOP nights. From now on it will happen about once a month. The next one is HOMEMADE FITNESS VIDEO NIGHT Monday February 12 hosted by Erin Hilleary who invites you to bring your fitness videos. Come dressed for a workout! |||| Tonight was really nice, the usual slow scene until late when Rich Lehl and Jesse Paul Miller got into the freestyle LP mixing with a bunch of lock groove, spoken word, and electronic records--all of it run through a variety of effects for a totally trippy scene enjoyed by pretty much just the three of us all crammed into the DJ booth with no one on the floor. Awesome. Seattle doesn't know what it's missing. |||| Which isn't to say the whole night was dead. It's just when something runs from 6 pm - 2 am it's hard to create and maintain a critical mass. Instead, there was a steady trickle of interesting people: Min Yee, Rob Millis, Heavy, Mary L., Bill Carr, Ed Shively, Beatriz and new friends who either stumbled upon the night or read about it in The Stranger. Anyway, I say it's the last of the weeklies but if you have an idea for an evening you want to curate, drop me a line and maybe we can set something up.