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February 14, 2007



invited to provide visual support
for factums and climax golden
west coast tour i bring pop-
up screen, projector, vcr, dvds &
vhs tapes, camcorder, powerbook
G4, pocket camera, dvd player,
tripods, cables, blank dvds, clean
clothes, and books i will never get a
chance to open. my plan is to videotape
the first show, then project it during the second show and videotape the second
show with first show playing behind it,
and so on down the path of infinite regression. first stop is towne lounge in portland. on the way down i notice a lot of laden log trucks. remarkably, there are still large trees around here. one log was at least 7 feet in diameter. some of the trucks are heading south, others are heading north. couldn't they just have stayed where they were? towne lounge is hard to find--it's the side entrance of a large building which had once been the governor's mansion before being moved by a team of 40 horses to its present location. everything is in motion.