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February 17, 2007


Behold the magnificent expanse of the Pacific Ocean! OK, even if you can't see the whole thing at once, chances are the drops you see here have been everywhere--from cloud to mountaintop to river to ocean and back to cloud again, with visits to plants and lungs along the way. It was a long day. From couch to van to Records to lunch to van to Aquarius to dinner to Hemlock Tavern where I filmed Factums and Climax Golden Twins but didn't project anything because of low ceilings and it was too crowded. At lunch I had joked about my deferred dream of being a drifter, but after the show with no place to go we all got a taste of that lifestyle by parking at the beach. Unlike Seattle, the beaches here don't close and there were many fires going when we arrived around 2 a.m. We didn't have wood so we stood in a tight circle and warmed ourselves from a small bottle of Hornitos. Jesse found a cantaloupe, coconut, and pineapple just lying on the sand. We picked 'em up to eat later for breakfast. Dan and I tried to sleep outside but it was too cold so we piled into the van around 5 a.m., a $76 parking ticket on the windshield--more than we would have paid for a hotel. Oh well, it was nice to fall asleep to the sound of waves and friends snoring in a crowded smelly space, even if I couldn't move my cramped neck after sleeping in my seat.