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May 3, 2007

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a wasted meal

Don't let the puke in the urinal give you the wrong impression—
Eric Lanzillota's DJ set at Alibi Room tonight was absolutley exquisite.
His combination of timeless sounds tapped and soothed the reptilian
part of my brain. When Sarah came in after Seattle Art Museum
pre-opening I couldn't believe it was already midnight—I thought it
was more like 10:30. In addition to the music—which included Can,
Chrome, John Cage, Kraftwerk, and so many others which I'd never
heard and now can't remember the names of—Eric screened films
by Ken Jacobs and Michael Snow, two filmmakers with very different
approaches to editing whose work kept the small but focused
audience captivated. It was a drugfree psychedelic trip.

There was some debate over the appropriateness of the term
Krautrock. My German friend Heike sees it as a patently offensive
ethnic slur, and after reading of the term's origination by the British
press, I agree that a more neutral descriptor would be preferable. I
propose German synthrock; it isn't catchy but at least it's descriptive.
Have a better suggestion? Maybe you could post it to wikipedia...