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May 25, 2007

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today was and is full to bursting. all day long i cleaved
to my purpose, fulfilled my functions, sent electric signals
forth from my fingertips into keyboard to be relayed around
the world at close to the speed of thought. at 5ive i knocked
off, showered, got on my horse, hitched it to a post
outside the general store and fetched me 8 veggie
protein links in a shrink-to-fit wrapper plus 2x4 hot
dog rolls baked right here in seattle. i rode east on the
b/g, picked my way towards 38th ave in madrona,
stopping frequently to assess the path of least resistance,
loving my much-used seattle bike map which in
addition to color-coding bikefriendly routes also
shows basic topography and thanks to it i was able to
make it to the majestic promontory on which my potluck bbq
destination sat with a minimum of up-and-down redundancy.
most congenial company, i hated to leave, rode my bike up and
over the hump of seattle (capitol hill) via the length of pike/pine to alibi.
i enjoy bartending when the room is full of goodnatured people. we dropped
the booth table (with usual difficulty, had to take the red hammer to it to
dislodge stubborn peg that holds the heavy tabletop up) and unrolled the
grey carpet, thus setting the stage for a bunch of men from missouri going
by the names southside, space, john travoltage, murgatroid, & others made
up on the spot, acoustic guitar renditions of classic rap followed by a lot
of hype freestyling with mcs coming and going as they pleased, jumping

down to get a drink then back onstage without missing
a beat. after all that (and the party did last), i rode
slowly along the waterfront, pausing at baby/man fountain
with the sky so black behind the frothing white peaks of
temporary mountains, then as i spoke to a concerned sarah
on cell dawn began to break, sky violet then blue, the sound
similar hue, it dawned on me that instead of carfree days it
might be sensible to celebrate carfree nights when even 15th
avenue is so devoid of motor traffic one can pedal freely
no-hands in the middle of the road.