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January 20, 2008

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Woke up after 10 hours rich sleep, 2nd night in a new bed, set up in living room because old bed yet to be moved, felt like a vacation because of the strange location and delicious sensation of having no appointments ahead to upset the afternoon. Much to do and much to don't. Today was a day of striking a balance between the two. Doddered in the market, chilled and ate grilled cheese at Sarah's studio, then raced the sun on bikes with Jed to newly established Peak Park, where we were treated to the best dialogue I've heard in a while. It was between a daughter at the park and her daddy standing on a balcony across the ravine, just barely within shouting distance, father and mother had connected via cel phone then switched to yelling, we all looked across and saw him waving. His daughter was so pleased she screamed, "Daddy!... Daddy!... Daddy, guess what...."