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March 22, 2008

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Punk Rock Flea Market #3 - Seattle USA

View time lapse movie of PRFM3 at YouTube

I bought my first 45 when I was 10 years old--Emotional Rescue by the Rolling Stones. I loved it then because his voice gets all creepy and strange, I love it now for its wicked bass line. I still have it, along with about 300 other 45s in a bombproof flightcase purchased from Boeing Surplus (RIP). I play them on a portable institutional gramaphone rescued from a school renovation. It's a Newcombe with tube amplifier and one big mono speaker. It has a delicious warm sound. Today I mic'd it to the PA at the Punk Rock Flea Market and played one record after another from 10am - 6pm, then between bands until almost midnight. It's a real meditation listening to a song closely so as to pick up the thread which leads to the next selection. Even after playing more than 10 hours of records I'd touched only half the crate or less (not even counting B-sides) and was eager to spin more. I could easily do a 24-hour marathon set and am angling for the opportunity.