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March 24, 2008

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fisher and fowl flight
it was nice out and i'd taken the day off so i
got on my bike and rode to golden gardens.
it was still kind of cold so i wore gloves and
a warm red hat (under my helmet). i don't al-
ways wear a helmet, but lately i've been seeing
more and more negligent drivers so why take
a chance? you could see it was raining in the
olympics but that system seemed to just hang
there; on the beach it was clear and calm,
enough heat in the sun to enjoy the cold beers
jed and i had brought with us. the early birds
were there--a smattering of couples with kids,
joggers with dogs, a wading fisherman, and 3
wannabe gangstas who started throwing rocks
at the waterfowl just off shore. seattleites don't
like confrontations, but i'm not from here so i
yelled, "hey! leave the birds alone!" one yelled
back, "who the FUCK are you? i should be
throwing rocks at your faggot ass!" i replied,
"that's nice...." they were 50 yards away. i felt
strangely calm standing there waiting for their
next move. they took their time, turned, and
ambled off in the opposite direction. they'd
stopped throwing rocks. i sat down, relieved.