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April 1, 2008

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Yes, some cut-out clip art but the lettering is all by hand! If I had to name my absolutely favorite thing to do, it'd have to be swimming. I've been attracted to water since I was young. At 2, I almost drowned after wandering away from a family outing in search of water. I found it... and they found me just in time. At 5 I was swimming, having learned in a string of motel pools on a drive from New York to Florida. As a teenager on Long Island, I lifeguarded, coached, and taught lessons. After work, we'd head to the beach. Now, look on a map and you'll notice there's a lot of water around Seattle--the only problem is one can't often swim in it. The outer limits for lake swimming are April - October, and that's only if there're some unseasonably warm days and you don't mind chattering teeth. The Alaska current keeps Puget Sound numbingly cold, though it is doable to a limited extent. Recently, I was hopeful and elated going to Queen Anne pool a couple of times with Igor; hours are limited, the swim lanes are overcrowded, but it feels good to be immersed and they have a piping hot sauna. But in the end it's too chlorine-y and no amount of showering will spare you that itchy skin feeling afterwards. Still, it was nice to see this poster; it reminded me of my country club lifeguarding days when we'd spend hours making signs with scissors, paste, and magic markers in the not-so-dark ages before computers homogenized expression. :-)