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May 4, 2008


Change is everywhere, even here in Prague, a city I love in part because it is so well-preserved.
Last night was the last concert at legendary underground film and music venue Klub Delta. We
tore it up until dawn. I was introduced to the "magic eye"--a shot of green liqueur dropped whole
into a beer. I must've had enough because I split my pants on the dancefloor and hid the fact
that I thought I'd broken my ankle by gamely trying to walk it off on the long journey back to the
center. I figured if I ignored the pain it would just go away, right? Today, limping to lunch, Sean
and I paused to photograph this demo job. Sometimes it's a mistake to stop. A friendly stranger
started explaining the history of the building--first a chocolate factory, then a blood laboratory.
He lamented the gentrification of the neighborhood--which, in truth, had never really been poor--
and then insisted on buying us beers. It would have been rude to say no so we went along. His
intentions became obvious when he invited us back to his place to see his antique beer bottle
collection and offered us his extra bedroom any time we wanted to stay in Prague. He was nice
enough but we declined and got the fuck out.