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May 20, 2008


Hang in there...

I'm going to try to make the story of a long ride short.
After days and days of rain, it was finally dry enough
to depart Prague for Tábor, 100 km to the south. We
had a good city map on which every bike path, route,
and lane was marked. We left Vršovice via the Botic
creek and I showed Josh where I'd been a hero once.
The blue dotted line we followed was serpentine and
we had to stop every couple hundred meters to orient
ourselves and decide which way next. For hours we
pedalled through green passages like something Kafka
might have dreamt. We saw a lot of beauty but were
concerned to be making only about 5km/hour; we could
have walked faster than that. After taking a wrong turn
and completing a grand pointless loop, we finally made
it to the city limits and celebrated with fried cheese and
beer at an outdoor table in Pruhonice. Just then it started
to rain. We decided to double back to Haje metro station
and call it quits. The straight route there took 15 minutes.