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May 21, 2008


Josh and I had a big long walk today
which started with the intention of
visiting the miniature museum but we
couldn't find it; maybe it was too
small. Everywhere we looked there
was something to look at. It was as
if people once had time to devote to
craft. The cathedral was crowded
with loud-talking tourists and I had to
be reminded to take off my hat. In
the mirror maze, a busload of senior
citizens laughed like children. Petrin
was covered with fruit trees from
which, presumably, anyone could
eat; the wealth of a nation is meas-
ured by what it gives its lowest in-
habitants. One could spend a life-
time documenting Prague's amazing
statues and never get the job done
because they keep adding 'em. We
watched pigeons fuck and saw a
dead rat lapped by the river. On
Vysehrad, restaurant Rio looked
bad (avoid Astroturf carpets) but the
usual pub was not yet open for the
season. People trust me with their
cameras; after photographing an
Asian tourist, we lucked upon a hospoda where people smoked pot and everyone was young. We drank magic eyes--green liqueur shots dropped in beer--and by the time we levitated out of there even the big highway nearby was looking aesthetic. Someone turned a treadmill in an illuminated apartment window. We walked all the way to Pizza Kmotra because we'd been walking all day so why stop? It was just one of those days--you couldn't find fault.