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July 8, 2008


I've got such a crush on my bike it's ridiculous. It's black and red, an old 10 speed
Motobecane purchased used for $90, "French to the bone" handwritten on tag
next to drawing of skull was all the salespitch I needed. That was more than six
years ago. Today it's missing three spokes from rear wheel and a little nut on
front brake calipers but it's still quick as shit, even with a kickstand (which I keep
forgetting I have--always leaning it instead against things or digging its wheels into
the sand). Today I packed a vegan cheese sandwich to work and rode to beach for lunch.

There's nothing like a cold salt water plunge to hit the reset button. I've been a
little down since returning from the motherland, but today all mopiness
was washed away by the Sound, the city, and biking with friends.