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July 9, 2008



Today saw a new twist:
John asked all of us to be
at work by 7:30 am. We
were putting in 2 6'x10'
and he wanted
to get an early start on it.
The big shock came at the
end of the day when he said
every day from now on
would start at 7:30 am.
It's OK, I like to get an
early start but I had to ask
4 or 5 times to make sure
he wasn't joking. 7:30 is
kind of a typical time for
construction workers to
start their days (it might
even be a bit later than the
norm), but we've been
operating on a different
system, something closer
to island time. Anyway, we
all survived. When I got
home I was pretty tired
but the late evening sun
through the holes in this
chair made me feel alright.
Sarah cooked up some corn
and we went for a walk and
picked our landlords' rasp-
berries while they're away.