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September 19, 2008

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  666 - Don't worry, it's only a number...
Here's something I prepared for memory (w)hole at McLeod Residence:
666 is a new "best of" collection of Short Films spanning 5 years of shooting microdocumentaries on the fly.

666 clips in 2 hrs 7 min on a looping autoplay DVD--just pop it in and let it run until Armageddon.

Only 50 made, each is signed and numbered with a handsprayed stenciled cover.

(The plastic case is actually re-used old AOL disc mailer, so you may consider it partly recycled art.)

US$33.33 includes worldwide shipping. While supply lasts...
    ...Or mail a check to:
Robert Zverina
3955-B Fremont Ave N
Seattle WA 98103 USA