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September 23, 2008

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Yesterday was World Carfree Day, so of course
that's when I went in to have my driver license
renewed. If you want to see diversity, go to the
DOL. Seattle's neighborhoods are pretty much
segregated, but all must go in for photo IDs or
licenses at one point or another. Sarah and I
pedaled downtown together, split up while I did
the thing, and then rendezvoused for the perilous
ride north up 4th Avenue to Cameras West. I say
perilous because it was rush hour and people
still seem obsessed with phoning while driving
(even though it's now illegal) and racing ahead
to wait at red lights. To make matters worse,
Seattle has a weird propensity for left-handed
bikelanes and sharrows on one-way streets.
Not sure what the rationale is for this, but it seems
to make cyclists even more invisible to oblivious
drivers. Not fun, but we made it. For my birthday,
Sarah, Ed, and Jed pitched in to get me a digital
SLR camera of my choice. I favor Cameras West
because they have a 10-day trial period and
no-fault repair/replacement warranty. I went with
a Nikon D60. I hadn't shot with an SLR since I lost
my 35mm Nikon FG in New York 7 or 8 years ago.
It's a whole different experience. Thanks, guys!