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November 17, 2008

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busy-ness comes unbidden.
i wasn't looking for more things to do,
honest i wasn't, but when opportunities
arise i don't like to turn them down. my
weekends lately have been split between
Artist Trust EDGE Program for Filmmakers
and building out Eric & Tanith Lanzillotta's
new record shop in Ballard, Dissonant Plane.
with "day job" during the week, that doesn't
leave much time for this site or other pursuits,
so it came as a blessing that my one free day
in a while coincided with a predictably freakish
--we're already acclimating to climate chaos--
hot day in mid-November Seattle. double luck:
i'd just received another replacement camera
and this one came with a waterproof housing,
so there was only one logical place i could go:
Golden Gardens, my own back door into Eden.
i've always wanted to share the view to which i
return often when trying to fall asleep--that of the
sun streaming through the green water of bracing
Puget Sound. few things feel better than having the
ocean pressed against one's eyeball. the salinity is
the same and everything's brought back into balance.

    (thank you john and jed for good food and company.)