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December 6, 2008



of all my alter egos
(and who doesn't
have more than
one?), DJ Port-a-Party
is my favorite. playing
marathon sets of di-
verse music on small
records with big holes
in public combines my
loves of music, meeting
strangers, and old tech-
nology in one package.
it's not without its risks,
of course. today's gig
paid in beer and i was
dead set on earning
a living wage. after
8 hours i was ready
to clock out. things
got sloppy and loud
at the end (prelude
to punk bands) and
then i pushed and
dragged my granny
cart down 1st ave to
another party, but this
one was too packed to
set up so i laid down
on some cardboard in
jesse and linda's foyer,
snoozed nicely except for
occasional camera flashes.