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February 17, 2010

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Been in a bit of a funk lately, losing focus and momentum, a little down over the usual everything going wrong in the world, none of it helped by the preponderant Seattle winter gloom. When the clouds finally do part you've got to seize it, so Sarah and I took a long walk along Phinney Ridge because that's where the sun was going to hold out longest. The trees and bushes seemed to be straining to push out their little buds like turds after winter's constipation. On a street with multiple warnings to slow down (I hoped it wasn't because some kid got creamed) we saw a cat observing us through a window and not long after we were molested by one of the friendliest kitties we've ever met who meowed loudly and rubbed vigorously against us, shedding half its fur to drift on the afternoon air. Popped into the Daily Planet to sniff out some 45s and had to wonder what kind of people buy old Nazi SS uniforms. The thick bark of trees in Woodland Park had no answer and when we finally dropped in at Adria and Craig's sunny porch Rocco kissed us hello.