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March 22, 2010

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The richness and depth of colors in this painting by
Will Kitchen really point up the limitations of my
little pocket camera. I rode my bike over to the
Arboretum and rendezvoused with Jesse and Will
on Azalea Way. Why haven't I spent more time
at the arboretum? So tranquil and interesting,
so much green and hardly a straight line in the
place, all twisting organic forms, perfumed air,
and the subtle interplay of light and shadow, the
green leaves of one ivy glowing almost purple in
in diffuse afternoon, exotic specimens labeled
and explained while an eagle overhead
almost circled the moon harassed
by sparrows it seemed to ignore.
Will worked, Jesse and I walked.
Bukowski described fiction as an
improvement on life. The same
could be said of Will's painting
which employs a palette which
is more vivid and magical than
that of the subjects it depicts. I
think seeing it by daylight helps
and makes me wonder how much
is lost under the glowing bulbs
of gallery and museum shows.