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May 24, 2011

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spacer Spending a day with MISC on a quest
to expunge invasive fountain grass on
 a remote plateau high above the Big O
was both novel yet pleasantly familiar.
Small  environmental non-profits engaged
 in a mix of field work and outreach seem to
be ideal social units for these beleagured times.
 Walking in a coordinated line with what felt like an
 extended family reminded me of my halcyon RE Store
 salvage days. The missions and tactics might be different
 but there's a similar dynamic among the people which derives
 from a pervading sense that meaningful work is getting done--
work that does net good instead of just continuing to punch Mother
Earth in the face. We didn't find much--testament to the effectiveness
 of past sweeps--in the hot dusty morning, but when we sat down to lunch
  Joe noticed two young plants right there in the picnic spot as if taunting us.