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November 2, 2013

High school was the worst. I couldn't stand to be by myself. Strange because as a child I didn't mind being solitary, but maybe that's because I had plenty of playmates when I wanted them and time alone in my room was spent accompanied by a tiny black-and-white TV, background chatter for company. Now I go days without seeing another human face, but again there's usually a mediated connection through phone or computer screen. Regardless, my ambition is to sit without distraction and merely exist. I'm getting better at it and no doubt this place helps. But as much as I enjoy learning to be still it's still a gas to spend time among friends. Last night, Brooke and Alicia were my first guests and it felt good to talk and laugh around kitchen table eating, drinking, and playing cribbage. Today shaded a bit more epic as we visited local friends who open their home to round-the-clock revels of swimming, carousing, fun and games, and feasting. Ah, yes, society. empty