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November 10, 2013

Kaupoke We gave notice today that we're moving out after 13 1/3 years renting the same wonderful apartment. That's the longest I ever lived in one place. Seattle was my fifth city in five years and I didn't expect it to last more than two but it ended up being fifteen. I remember weeping on the cab ride to Penn Station to board a train west when I left Manhattan in '98 and quiet tears rolled down my cheeks today to think that as of December 1 we won't have our home to return to.

I've been on Maui a month already and this morning attended Kaupo Community Association meeting under a temporary tent on site of old one room schoolhouse and future cultural center. It's somewhat metaphorical to say they're circling the wagons against poachers, polluters, and developers, but it feels a little more literal when the meeting is backgrounded by the lowing of cattle on a roundup, the paniolos sitting high in the saddle as they drive them to the crossing.

It makes me happy and weepy to read all the nice sentiments people are sharing. It reminds me that what made our place special was the good human energy that flowed through it. There were so many nights there--figure drawing, crafting, film screenings, parties, etc.--that I never wanted to end, as if that might have forestalled this inevitable parting. I hope that wherever we land we will keep building connections, positive experiences, and most of all never lose sight of our friends.