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Picture of the Day

February 3, 2014

My pocket camera wasn't quite up to the task
of capturing this massive electrostatic discharge
above Alenuihaha Channel. The sun set and the storm
sidled over from the west, a very slow Kona pattern.
The sky lit up with streaks and flashes of lightning
in the distance, marching closer every minute but still
lingering in places like soldiers stopping for a cigarette.
Keith and Mike were setting up the tent as it drew near,
the sizzling bolts and tangles striking the ocean horizon
or unspooling like neon yarn across the dark sky, cutting
the night into silhouettes and illuminating our awed faces.
It was quite the fucking show and I'm glad old and new
Seattle friends (in alphabetical order) Keith, Megan, Mike,
and Reba were here to witness it. Their visit was blessed.