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March 14, 2014

space I admit this is ridiculous. For many reasons.
Vanity, for one. But here I am, guilty as charged.
What am I doing with a rusty Crosman pellet gun?
Protecting our geese against possible attack.
Would BBs discourage a ravening hunting dog?
Probably not. Luckily I didn't have to find out.
Sarah and I had been in bed, Friday just another
night out here in the wilds of remotest Maui.
We heard barking first, then the thrashing of a
life and death struggle just 50 yards downhill
from our cabin, frenzied grunts of a cornered
pig vs. snarling and snapping bloodthirsty
hounds crashing through the underbrush--
nature red in tooth and claw. Night hunting
is illegal
but so is trespassing so whoever was
behind the commotion obviously didn't care.
We jumped in the Jeep and cruised the property
to find out more. We saw one dog, then another.
While I went to watch over the geese and chix
Sarah was able to coax one of the dogs with a
bowl of water. The dogs are cowed, sweet to
people and always ready for a drink or treat
because their owners keep them half-starved.
Cops were called and the hunters were found
just down the road in their unregistered truck,
but since it was parked and no pig was present
nothing could be done. The cops took the dog.