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  June 19, 2014

yesterday at first it seemed like it was going to be a bummer not having a car at our disposal (Jeep died dramatically climbing a hill, backfiring and a smell). i corrupt easy and living seemingly far from most things made palatable the proposition that i should be, like, just totally driving everywhere. but then stuck with no option other than going on foot we both felt great taking the 40-minute walk to alelele falls, where we had the joint to ourselves and skinnydipped in sunshine jungle seclusion. on the hike out we passed several other parties, each of which asked, anyone there? yes, you, and everyone else. but the main thing i remember is just enjoying the walk, and even the necessity of walking. the hardest part was the final climb up double concrete strips of driveway, .667 miles straight up (on a steep slant). we were sweating and wheezing, loving every moment. is there an ideal way of living or is every scheme flawed? is it wrong to ask yes-or-no questions? what is wrong, what is right--are false dichotomies the reason we live and/or die? remember to smile...