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Picture of the Day

  June 24, 2014

Hard to tell from this distance but that man is holding a feral baby goat.
Sarah, bless her, approached him and soon the three of us were talking.
Then his eight year old daughter swam up and asked if I wanted to jump
off some rocks. How could I say no? She scrambled up a steep face that
I managed no problem but which I wouldn't have thought to climb myself.
Then she wore me out playing follow the leader--front flips, cannonballs,
back dives, riding the smooth rock waterfall slide. It reminded me of how
we used to play when I was a child. Then she had to go and I was ready for
a rest but a local teenager I know asked if I'd gone swimming in the ocean
here yet. Actually, I hadn't, because it's not easy. The currents and break
aren't so bad, but getting in and out is tricky because the shoreline consists of
shifting round rocks perfectly calibrated to crush fingers and toes. It was great!